About Oceania Marine

Oceania Marine started business at Port Whangarei, New Zealand in 2009 and has inherited a history from previous owners of the shipyards covering new construction, refit and repair going back 50 years. It operates at two sites within the port, close to each other, designated as North and South Shipyard (location for the Port Whangarei Marine Centre).

Over the last 15 years the shipyards have developed the specialised skills to construct and service all types and sizes of vessels including superyachts. They are located at the centre of one of New Zealand’s leading marine districts providing an overall capability unsurpassed for quality and timeliness. The availability of repair berths, efficient haul and launch and extensive refit and paint sheds makes the shipyards a top destination for all ranges of project.

Oceania Marine - North Shipyard - Port Whangarei

Oceania Marine – North Shipyard – Port Whangarei



North Shipyard

  • Slipway – 800 tonnes – Beam 20+ metres – Draft 5 metres – capacity for multiple vessels
  • Berthage – Floating dock repair berth to 50 metres

South Shipyard (Port Whangarei Marine Centre)

  • New 100 tonne travel lift  – Beam <10 metres – see site plan link below
  • New 560 tonne travel lift – due late 2017
  • Berthage – Repair berth to 190 metres


  • Refit & Paint Sheds – Extensive refit and construction options available up to 60 meters LOA

    Oceania Marine - South Shipyard - Port Whangarei

    Oceania Marine – South Shipyard – Port Whangarei

  • World Class Paint and Refinishing Service
  • World Class Interior Fitout Service
  • Full Engineering Service (workshops on site)
  • All Materials – Aluminium, Steel, Composite & Wood
  • Class – Experienced in all Classifications
  • Flag States – All requirements including >500grt
  • Project Management – Our specialty
  • Large Yacht Spar & Rigging Service Centre
Site Plans


  • Oceania Marine is situated in the Oceania region of the SW Pacific
  • Located at the head of the Whangarei Harbour, within, Portbigmap Whangarei, New Zealand
  • Positioned close to the vibrant city of Whangarei (Population of district 79,000)
  • Auckland is 2 hours south by Road
  • Bay of Islands 40 minutes north by Road
  • Province – Northland – popular recreational destination including touring, camping, trekking, stunning beaches and coastline, surfing, kite-boarding, fishing, golfing and much more.
  • Find us on Google Maps here

Environmental Policies, Vision etc.

For more information on the Oceania Marine Group environmental policies, vision, mission and code visit the OCEANIA GREEN WEBSITE.   oceania green logo