High Performance Cruising Yachts Choose Oceania Marine

As the Southern Hemisphere refit season for yachts kicks off Oceania Marine is the shipyard of choice for high performance cruising yachts. The excellent haulout and hardstand facilities at the Port Whangarei Marine Centre (owned and operated by Oceania Marine) located at South Shipyard is attracting medium to large yachts with extensive worklists and requiring a shipyard capable of offering a full service. This class of vessel presents a challenge for shipyards in that they require an adaptable travel lift, appropriate cradles and hull support which cannot be provided by many yards. However the team at the Marine Centre have specialised in offering this service to these high performance yachts and multihulls. Two good examples currently on the hardstand are pictured below:

Swan 90 ‘Freya’ on Hardstand at Port Whangarei Marine Centre


Salona 60 – ‘La Pescadora’ on Hardstand at Port Whangarei Marine Centre

Meanwhile at North Shipyard the slipway caters for the larger classic heavy displacement yachts offering a dependable haulout and full service that caters for every need. A recent haulout was the 32M Superyacht Neorion pictured below:

32M Superyacht ‘Neorion’ on the Slipway at Oceania Marine, North Shipyard, Port Whangarei, New Zealand


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