Oceania Marine Shipyards at Capacity with America’s Cup Looming

A number of large projects are underway at Oceania Marine Shipyards with more booked in making the last quarter of 2020 a very busy one and with the first half of 2021 looking much the same. The COVID-19 restrictions at the New Zealand border have required special protocols and authorisations to be observed in order for Oceania Marine’s large yacht projects to enter and be hauled out. Their first project to come into the country by this method is on the hardstand and well advanced with more to follow. Clients who want to explore this option should contact Jim Loynes for advice and guidance.

One of the constraints in the amount of work a shipyard can take on is the availability of skilled labour. To cover the labour demands of what is a growing industry Oceania Marine is in the midst of a recruitment drive for experienced superyacht painters, engineering fitters and turners, boat builders and marine electricians. At the same time they are liaising with sub-contractors to fill skill gaps and encourage specialist providers to step-up as well. Skilled marine workers who want to join Oceania Marine and take on the incredible lifestyle that Northland can offer should send in their CV to our HR department.

Looking to the future, Oceania Marine recognises the need for training to replace workers who leave or retire. Accordingly they are taking on keen unskilled candidates for training as TA’s and apprenticeships. Educational and employment providers are assisting with open days, site visits and referrals.

Large Sail Cat “Mousetrap” Heads up the Slipway at Oceania Marine Shipyards’ North Shipyard, Port Whangarei NZ for an Extensive Refit

Meanwhile projects are progressing at pace involving full repaints, survey/engineering works and structural repairs plus a myriad lesser items that refits invariably involve. All this is coordinated and executed by Oceania Marine’s experienced project management team which is at the heart of the shipyard’s operation.

Bow View Inside the Containment Tent with Repaint in Progress At Oceania Marine Shipyards

Fly-Bridge Almost Complete – Inside the Containment Tent at Oceania Marine Shipyards

We strive to ensure that scope, resources, time and cost are managed and executed to ultimate client satisfaction