Oceania Marine Shipyards Upgrade Crew Amenity and Work Areas

Oceania Marine has completed an upgrade of the kitchen, lounge, offices, workshop and storeroom areas which are exclusively for crew use. These amenities form part of Refit Shed C and are directly alongside the refit bay accommodating the vessel. They are available at no extra cost to vessels undertaking refits at the shipyards in Port Whangarei, New Zealand. Features include:

  • Kitchen and dining for 8 to 10 persons

    Oceania Marine Shipyards - Crew Kitchen-Dinning

    Oceania Marine Shipyards – Crew Kitchen-Dinning

  • Large lunch or function room for 20 to 30 persons
  • TV and lounge
  • Restrooms/Shower – Male & Female
  • BBQ and deck
  • WiFi (Ultra Fast Broadband)
  • Offices for Captain, owners rep, engineers/consultants and crew
  • Workshop with work benches and storage racks
  • Soft furnishings and electronics store
  • Large carpark and delivery areas

Oceania Marine Managing Director, Martin Gleeson, says:

“I wouldn’t describe the facilities as 5 star but they are of a good standard and the feedback from the first crew of 8 to utilise them was very good. The big plus is the direct access from the crew area to both the work areas and the vessel. This increases efficiency and is a tremendous convenience for those involved in any refit project. No parking problems for vehicles or deliveries, no remote storage as this is all located within the facility. All in all I would rate this as a great place in which to do a project.”

Oceania Marine’s Client Liaison and Marketing Manager, Jim Loynes, is normally busy months before a yacht arrives setting up arrangements for crew for the period of the refit. He says:

“In addition to the facilities we offer at the shipyard I identify rental houses, flats or apartments that fit the criteria set by the vessel. Their requirements vary greatly with some requiring the accommodation to be close to the yard and others preferring a house on the harbour or on our beautiful coast. I usually submit examples with listings that the crew can look at online and shortlist the best ones. By the time the vessel arrives at customs we can have accommodation, vehicles and any other requirements all ready and waiting so that we can quickly get the project up and running. Whangarei is serviced by a good provincial airport so we can easily organise for crew to fly in for any pre-inspections that may be required. However, a lot of vessels leave it to me to make the final call, trusting in my years of experience as a superyacht captain to know what would be suitable.”

Port Whangarei, NZ - Oceania Marine, North Shipyard (Mid-Foreground)

Port Whangarei, NZ – Oceania Marine, North Shipyard (Mid-Foreground)

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