Oceania Marine’s New 560T Travel Lift in Action

Oceania Marine has hauled out it’s first superyacht project on it’s new 560T travel lift at the Port Whangarei Marine Centre in New Zealand. The new travel lift will operate alongside the existing 100T travel lift at the marine centre completing Stage Two of South Shipyard’s $10M upgrade. Located close nearby Oceania Marine also operates a conventional 800T railway slipway at North Shipyard. These facilities along with what is available in the wider Port Whangarei area is the ideal option for superyachts to make maintenance and refit stops. Berthage, yacht support and all the specialist services that these yachts require are available at the port. Oceania Yacht Agency is on call to assist yacht clients enter the country and offers a full support service.

Oceania Marine has a highly skilled workforce across all marine trades supported by a network of specialist sub-contractors and suppliers. The superyacht paint team for example delivers quality outcomes to the highest international standard.

Oceania Marine’s new 560T travel lift hauling out a superyacht at the Port Whangarei Marine Centre, New Zealand

Oceania Marine’s new 560t travel lift placing a superyacht on hardstand at the Port Whangarei Marine Centre, New Zealand

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