Superyacht Survey and Inspection Service Available at Oceania Marine

Oceania Marine Shipyards are located at Port Whangarei, New Zealand. They are situated conveniently in the South Pacific ready to service the Superyacht fleet enjoying the wonders that only the Pacific can deliver. An important part of the works carried out for its Superyacht clients is completing the inspections and surveys required to maintain class classification and flag state compliance.

Inspections cover the physical condition of items to establish their serviceability and functionality. These inspections may be required by a vessel’s flag state or classification agency surveyors and also the crew or insurance underwriter.

Surveys, however, are a more stringent processes that will examine the condition of a vessel and ensure that it meets regulatory, safety, and class rules. Depending on flag, class agency, and tonnage, there will be a range of surveys and inspections required. Certain inspections and surveys are mandatory while others may be dependent on age, condition, or service history. Surveys typically cover annual survey, hull survey, special survey, dry dock surveys, safety construction survey, and load line survey.

At Oceania Marine we coordinate with surveyors and the vessel to plan the survey works in combination with any other refit or maintenance works that are scheduled to be undertaken at the same time. The extensive hardstand and refit sheds at the shipyard means that items like valves, machinery and shafts etc. can be disassembled and laid out close by, undercover as required, for measurement, inspection and repairs.

Oceania Marine has a large highly skilled workforce with many years of experience undertaking inspection and survey works for not only superyachts but a wide range of maritime vessels including the more stringent requirements for foreign going passenger craft. This is supported by a network of specialist service agents and suppliers ensuring that every survey item can be addressed with professional expertise.

Superyacht being prepared for survey on hardstand at Oceania Marine Shipyards, Port Whangarei, New Zealand

Port Whangarei is at the head of the Whangarei Harbour and part of Whangarei City, Northland’s largest town, which is the service centre for the region. Consequently, it has available skilled service industry and labour resources that few other centres in the Pacific can offer. It also has a long maritime history and is one of New Zealand’s largest marine construction and refit locations. Superyacht captains can be assured that by choosing to berth at Port Whangarei they will have on hand everything they need to maintain, refurbish or refit their yachts.

For the crew, good crew houses and accommodation is available if needed with an amazing range of recreational activities close at hand. Northland is a premier holiday and recreational centre and for more information CLICK HERE.

If you need to schedule upcoming surveys contact our Yacht Support Agent, Virginia who can get you booked in for berthage at the large yacht facility at Port Nikau and organise your haulout for the ‘out of the water’ works at Oceania Marine Shipyards, all of which are located alongside each other at Port Whangarei. The superyacht marina can accommodate vessels up to 90M and the shipyard has dual travel lifts of 100T and 560T. Virginia’s contacts are +64 21 026 89744

Superyacht on hardstand at Oceania Marine Shipyards, Port Whangarei, New Zealand – Keel removal for crack testing and inspection

Valves removed and disassembled for survey at Oceania Marine Shipyards, Port Whangarei, New Zealand

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