New Year 2023 Heralds Exciting Times for Oceania Marine

Oceania Marine’s  new 560T travel lift joins the 100T machine at South Shipyard making the Marine Centre the premier destination for superyacht refits in the South Pacific.

Oceania Marine’s  new 560T travel lift joins the 100T machine at South Shipyard, Port Whangarei, New Zealand

Oceania Marine’s Managing Director, Martin Gleeson, comments;

“The 2023 New Year heralds exciting times for Oceania Marine. We have just commissioned a new 560T travel lift which will join our existing operations at South Shipyard. This makes the Marine Centre a very attractive option for the Superyacht fleet currently in the South Pacific. It also gives yachts contemplating coming through to the Pacific confidence that their survey, maintenance and refit needs will be met by a competent and experienced shipyard.”

Port Whangarei is located just North of Auckland and is a long established boatbuilding and marine maintenance centre.  A number of haulout options are available depending on size of craft with repair berths for yachts up to 90M. This is supported by all marine trades and supply required to sustain large refit projects. Be it a superyacht quality re-paint, a 12 year survey or just a technical stop, Oceania Marine is ready for the job.

Not only is the project catered for but also the needs of the crew. For projects on the hardstand at the Marine Centre there is a Business Hub, crew kitchen, lounge and all amenities. High quality crew accommodation is close by and the City of Whangarei is located in the midst of a wide range of recreational options. Should a yacht require port entry and yacht support services Oceania Yacht Agency is available to assist. Contact Virginia for more information on what Oceania Marine has to offer: +64 21 02689744; CONTACT US 

We strive to ensure that scope, resources, time and cost are managed and executed to ultimate client satisfaction