OCEANIA MARINE – A Friendly Visit From NZ Police

Police launch ‘Deodar III’ has been hauled out at the shipyard for application of underwater protective coatings. The vessel is a high speed foil-assisted catamaran well suited to International Paints Intersleek 900 system which is being applied. This is a technically challenging paint system which has to be applied by approved applicators under fully controlled conditions hence the scope of work is being completed in paint Shed A. This entails full containment and extraction combined with climate control. This is of particular importance given the time of year (just heard that it snowed in Auckland today for the first time in many many years).

To see some photos of ‘Deodar III’ on the slipway prior to transfer to Shed A, follow link below:


To see a video of ‘Deodar III’ set up in Shed A, follow link below:











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