OCEANIA MARINE Expands Services for Yachts

Oceania Marine has expanded the range of services it can offer to yachts below 30 meters in length by obtaining access to a 70 tonne Travelift. Previously the shipyard serviced all its clients with its existing, conventional, 800 tonne, railway slipway which is fine for larger, heavier vessels but not so efficient when dealing with smaller, lighter ones. With the advent of light, fast, sailing yachts in the 70’ to 90’ class, particularly those with lifting keels, Oceania Marine sees the need to offer a fast and efficient service for handling vessels of this type and a Travelift is the ideal solution.

82' Sailing Yacht with lifting keel (Example Only)

The Shipyard and its project partners have wide ranging experience in handling rigs, sails, sailing systems and every detail that makes up one of these yachts, in fact New Zealand is one of the few places in the southern hemisphere where much of the gear at this level (and larger) can be serviced or replaced. Clients will also have the option of choosing to have work completed under cover in refit/paint sheds which is an essential requirement where extensive painting or teak work is to be completed.


Oceania Marine’s experience on larger vessels, dealing with Flag State and Class survey requirements, will be of particular importance to the majority of yachts of this size who ply for commercial charter.


Vessels interested in obtaining more details or pricing should contact info@oceaniamarine.co.nz

At Oceania Marine our Project Managers deliver the refit service that Superyachts expect