Oceania Marine Coatings Expands It’s Paint Team to Meet Unprecedented Demand

Over the last two months Oceania Marine Coatings has been flat out recruiting experienced applicators to bolster its paint team at the Oceania Marine shipyard in Whangarei, New Zealand. The Marine Coatings

Paint Team at Oceania Marine Shipyard in Whangarei, New Zealand.

Manager at the company, comments: “It’s a big, busy shipyard with up to four paint projects happening at once and looking forward this situation is going to continue to the end of the year and no doubt beyond. We have been most fortunate to locate good painters and get them onboard. As a result we are now running a 20 man pool of experienced people that are organised into 5 or 6 man teams which is the ideal arrangement.”


Although it is currently the southern hemisphere winter and New Zealand’s Maritime climate is fairly wet, all paint projects are completed under cover. The shipyard has extensive construction, refit and paint sheds available to house projects thereby avoiding the frustrations associated with painting out in the open or within temporary shrinkwrap tents. Good climate control equipment ensures that paint humidity and temperature specifications are met.

We strive to ensure that scope, resources, time and cost are managed and executed to ultimate client satisfaction