Oceania Marine Completes Upgrades at North Shipyard

Slipway Upgrade:

Oceania Marine - North Shipyard - Port Whangarei

Oceania Marine – North Shipyard – Port Whangarei

A slipway upgrade has been carried out at Oceania Marine’s North Shipyard located in Port Whangarei, New Zealand. North Shipyard has a variety of slipway cradles ranging from 200 to 800 tonnes. This enables the shipyard to move vessels into its refit sheds and handle multiple vessels at the same time. To this range of slipway cradles a 400 tonne ‘low loader’ has been added which introduces increased flexibility and range to the type of vessel that the shipyard can handle. This cradle maximises the depths on the slipway, can cope with high point loadings and keeps deep drafted vessels closer to the ground making access easier. Its configuration is particularly suitable for hauling out large modern sailing vessels such as the 41 metre Dubois sloop which is next in line for slipping.


Shipyard Deepening:

Oceania Marine, North Shipyard, Whangarei - 400 Tonne 'Low Loader' Cradle

Oceania Marine, North Shipyard, Whangarei – 400 Tonne ‘Low Loader’ Cradle

Dredging has just been completed at North Shipyard’s floating repair berth as well as the approaches and toe of the slipway. This ensures ample depths to accommodate, in particular, the drafts of large modern sailing vessels. A number of these type of vessel come to the shipyard each year.


Like most ports anywhere in the world the depth of berths and slipways at Port Whangarei have to be maintained. At one time the Port was a busy commercial port and maintenance dredging was carried out by the port operator. Now that those operations have been shifted to Marsden Point, located at the entrance to Whangarei Harbour, some of this work has to be carried out by the shipyards. Meanwhile, Port Whangarei has emerged as one of the top marine service and construction centres in the Pacific.

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