Superyacht Plans at Opua Marina Boon for Northland New Zealand

A recent report in Superyacht News confirms that Far North District Holdings (a local government trading entity), the owners of Opua Marina, are proceeding with plans to develop infrastructure for superyachts.  Management are quoted as stating that the overall aim is that the berth and facilities would serve as more of a provisioning or service point for yachts in the region rather than as long term berthage or a base for major refits.

Opua is located in the Bay of Islands, one of New Zealand’s most popular cruising grounds, and just North of Oceania Marine Shipyards in Port Whangarei. “We welcome this announcement as we see it as a very positive step for the Superyacht industry in Northland,” says Jim Loynes, Oceania Marine Yacht Liaison. “Having somewhere where we can access our clients for vessel inspections and quick service jobs that do not take them away from their charters or cruising activities has to be attractive to superyachts and is something we will definitely support.”

These facilities will have additional attractions such as a clean and tidy environment for yachts to berth without the risk of contamination from refit activities and easy access to the vessels with parking/deliveries close by or even alongside. Similar facilities are available in Port Whangarei but for full service refit. Oceania Marine has a floating pontoon repair berth for vessels up to 50m at North Shipyard and 2x190m berths for larger superyachts adjacent to South Shipyard. “Our facilities at Port Whangarei will be complimented by what is planned at Opua,” comments Jim. “I can see clients using these berths on a regular basis before and after being at our shipyard and they also provide superyachts with options. We see this becoming increasingly more important as the massive land-based developments occurring in the vicinity of the Silo Marina in Auckland makes access and refit activities more difficult.”

2X190m Berths Adjacent to Oceania Marine, South Shipyard, Port Whangarei

2X190m Berths Adjacent to Oceania Marine, South Shipyard, Port Whangarei

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