Oceania Marine Shipyard – Projects Line Up on Slipway

It’s early on a March Monday morning with the last of the dawn mist burning off as the sun gains heat. The Northern part of New Zealand is sweltering under a drought but it is perfect conditions for hauling out 34 metre sailing catamaran ‘Che’. By mid morning she is in position on the wash-down pad astern of a 37 metre Dubois sail yacht and another large project in Shed C at the head of the slipway. The 2013 Superyacht refit season is in full swing at Oceania Marine Shipyard with a line up of three projects one behind the other.


SY 'Che' On Oceania Marine Slipway

SY ‘Che’ On Oceania Marine Slipway

Oceania Marine Managing Director, Martin Gleeson, comments: “We are one of the few shipyard which can handle a catamaran of ‘Che’s’ dimensions but thanks to the width of the slipway and our flexible cradle system we can accommodate these types of vessel. We have put together 3 separate high quality Superyacht paint teams as well as all the other supporting trades to undertake the workloads that three large simultaneous projects generate. This demonstrates the depth of capacity the shipyard and the Port Whangarei area has”.

Oceania Marine Shipyard - Port Whangeri - 3 Projects in a Row

Oceania Marine Shipyard – Port Whangeri – 3 Projects in a Row

“The race is now on to complete these projects in a timely fashion and clear other waiting clients before the South Pacific charter season commences in May. The key to achieving this is good project management and Oceania Marine has great strength in this department” says Oceania Marine Shipyard Yacht Liaison Jim Loynes.

At Oceania Marine our Project Managers deliver the refit service that Superyachts expect