Oceania Marine the Shipyard of Choice for Large Multihulls

A succession of some of the World’s largest sailing multihulls have made their way to Oceania Marine Shipyards at Port Whangarei in New Zealand for refit, repairs and maintenance. New arrivals and forward bookings continue this trend. These yachts avail themselves of Oceania Marine’s specialist knowledge in hauling out this type of vessel as well as the yards capacity to accommodate their extreme beams and custom support requirements.

Port Whangarei Marine Centre – Two Gunboat 60’s and One 66 on the Hardstand on Custom Hull Cradles

The American catamaran manufacturer, Gunboat, produces high performance cruising sailboats of ‘breathtaking’ design and a number of their craft have arrived in the South Pacific. Currently Oceania Marine has 3 of their vessels (two 60’s and one 66 design) hauled out at the Port Whangarei Marine Centre (PWMC) at South Shipyard where its oversized travel lift easily accommodated their dimensions. Often each vessel sends ahead its own hull cradles for the hardstand but if not PWMC has a selection made to Gunboat specification for their use. In some instances the yard is offering long term storage whilst the owners return to the northern hemisphere as well as carrying out a range of maintenance tasks. Where rigs have to be services or removed, RigPro NZ are on hand to carry out the work.

Meanwhile, at North Shipyard, Oceania Marine has hauled out a Sunreef 74 sailing catamaran for an extended refit and repair period. The slipway does not have any beam restriction, for practical purposes, and the shipyard has a selection of cradles that it adapts to particular needs for hull and keel support or bridgedeck support depending on slipping plan recommendations.

Oceania Marine, North Shipyard, Port Whangarei, New Zealand – Sunreef 74, Diana, Hauled Out on Slipway.

Oceania Marine, North Shipyard, Port Whangarei, New Zealand – Sunreef 74, Diana, on Slipway Cradle with Keel and Hull Support.

Oceania Marine operates full service shipyards covering the range of requirements that a modern sailing vessel has. They recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary during which time they achieved an enviable track-record for servicing multihulls.

At Oceania Marine our Project Managers deliver the refit service that Superyachts expect